:: Client A :: Manufactures and sells a product for pets. They had an associate set up and manage their PPC campaign which consisted of 3 search sites bidding on less than a dozen keywords. They had spent upwards of $6,000 per month on PPC. Revenue for the product was about $60,000 per month. HitSource is working with them to double the number of PPC search sites to increase reach and drive down their average bid price. Additionally, we are greatly expanding their...

:: Client B :: A lab testing company offering in-home tests as well as tests for commercial users (doctors). They are spending hours each week managing their PPC campaigns and this is taking away from running the other aspects of the business. HitSource will manage their campaign, optimize it according to their goals and expand the number of PPC sites used to expand reach.

:: Client C :: A nutraceutical company selling a skin care product off line and online without a PPC campaign. HitSource is establishing a PPC campaign to increase online sales.























We have over 10 years experience in the Internet marketing arena and in 1995 our Founder wrote and published the very first book dedicated to promoting and marketing your Web site. We have successfully used Pay Per Click search advertising in our own past businesses to aggressively grow them and now do the same for our clients.

We don't charge a penny until we are confident we can enhance your business and achieve your goals. We will meet with you (or meet via phone) for up to 2 hours at no charge to understand your business, your goals and your business' current PPC status.

We utilize a multi-step process to maximize your use of PPC Search. We:

  • Evaluate your existing campaign (if any)
  • Assess the goals of your business (such as what actions you are trying to get site visitors to take, whether that be to provide their email address, call you or transact online)
  • Define profit margins and/or your lead or customer acquisition costs.
  • Assess existing keyword list, keyword search volume and potential for expanding your existing keyword inventory
  • Review current bidding strategy, monthly spend, conversion rates, etc.
  • Using the information above, propose a comprehensive strategy along with an estimate of the results it can bring your business

Upon acceptance and approval of our proposal, typical tasks we perform include:
  • Increase the number PPC search sites used
  • Expand keyword inventory through concerted keyword discovery
  • Establish a max bid for higher volume keywords
  • Establish a budget that you are comfortable with based on the expected return on investment
  • Track conversions
  • Add anti-click fraud tags and software to minimize click fraud losses
  • Employ an automated bid management tool if necessary/desired to monitor and change bids 24/7
  • Review and tweak the overall campaign to reach established goals

Contact us today to see how we can help you grow your business.

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